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I am Dr Peggy Papada, a Clinical Psychologist and practicing analyst in the Lacanian orientation of Psychoanalysis. 

I have a private practice in Psychology and Psychoanalysis, based in Tooting Bec in south London. 

I work with adults, young people and children who wish to explore their difficulties through use of a talking treatment. Aside from my private practice, I also have highly specialist and principal  NHS positions as a Clinical Psychologist in Adult Mental Health services in London.  

I welcome all enquiries and take an open and flexible approach.

I work in English and Greek.


What is Lacanian Psychoanalysis?

Jacques Lacan was a psychoanalyst and psychiatrist, who founded the French School of Psychoanalysis in 1964 in order to restore the cutting edge of the Freudian field, given that the developments since Freud's death had lost something of the truth that he had started to explore. Lacanian psychoanalysis puts emphasis on language, speech and the body insofar as the body is captured by language and in language, in its treatment of human suffering. The approach is known for its flexibility insofar as it is not regulated by external standards, its rigor insofar as it is a practice with principles and for promoting subjective freedom and engagement with desire. 

To learn more about this approach, please click here (opens a new window) 

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